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# cbdiscord
Conquy blade is the application to manage your units and house easily.
## Database setup
Instructions for databse setup pending.
## Discord Bot
Inside the discord folder.
You'll need to provide a .env file on the discord folder with the following:
Install the packages with:
pip3 install -r requirements
And finally just run:
OR you can just invite my [bot](!
## Web App
Inside the server folder
Install the node packages:
npm install
And the API as well as the Web Page should be app
If you only want to run the API, just remove line 24 in main.js:
OR you can just go to my [page](http://!
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Conqueror's blade application to keep track of your units.
House System is a WIP to manage house members and create parties based on their units.
Web-app implementation of Discord Bot. Invite Bot to your server <a href="">here</a>
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